Top Colleges for Animation in the USA

Top Colleges for Animation in the USA

The development of the animation profession in the United States must be obvious to all, and its maturity is far higher than that of domestic ones. How many children love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which were popular in an era in those days~

The development of the American animation profession must be obvious to all, and its maturity is far higher than that of domestic ones. How many children loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which was popular in the past.
Today, the editor will introduce some rankings of American animation professions to you. Top 10 colleges.

California Institute of the Arts

The world-famous California Institute of the Arts, or CalArts for short, was established in 1961 by Roy Disney.

CalArts has more than 70 visual and performing arts majors and currently has 1,498 students enrolled.

CalArts is uniquely positioned to benefit from Disney’s extensive resources, and students have extensive access to professional filmmakers and animation artists.

6.9% of students are enrolled in the School of Film/Video at CalArts, which houses CalArts’ ace professional character animation and experimental animation departments.

Character animation only offers a four-year bachelor’s degree, while experimental animation offers a four-year bachelor’s degree and a three-year master’s degree.

The school’s well-known alumni include the Pixar Five Tigers, “Toy Story 1, 2” director John Rust, “The Incredibles” director Brad Bird, “Up” director Peter Docter, and “Finding Nemo” directors Andrew Stanton and Angie Lee.

Ringling College of Art

The Ringling College of the Arts was established in 1931 by John Ringling, a well-known American circus tycoon, and art collector.

Currently, the school has about 1,300 students studying in 13 different majors, of which 94% are full-time students and 6% are part-time students.

Ringling offers both BA and BFA bachelor’s degrees.

Among them, the computer animation major founded in 1990 is the ace major of Ruilin, which is well-known in the industry. In well-known Hollywood animation companies such as Pixar, Disney, and DreamWorks, the graduates of Ruilin occupy an important place.

Notable alumni include Disney animation director Patrick Osborne (Paperman animation director, Feast director, VR animated short Pearl), DreamWorks story director Tron Mai (2015 Annie Award winner for Best Feature Film Moonbot Studio founders William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg (Story Artist) (2011 Oscar winner for Best Animated Short).

In 2010, Ruilin School of Art was rated as the world’s No. 1 digital art school by the industry-renowned magazine “Imagine FX”.

The graduation works of the school’s students have won awards at major film festivals, including Academy Awards, Annie Awards, SIGGRAPH, British Academy of Film and Television Awards, etc.

Savannah College of Art

Savannah College of Art opened its doors in 1978.

It is a large school with more than 12,000 students, more than 40 majors, and more than 60 minors, and has four campuses in Savannah, Atlanta, Hong Kong (China), and Lacoste (France).

Savannah’s School of Digital Arts provides young animators around the world with BFA (Atlanta, Hong Kong, Savannah), MA (Savannah, online), and MFA (Savannah, Atlanta, online) Including many different animation training projects.

On top of that, Savannah College of Art also offers the option of a minor in animation.

The graduates of Savannah College of Art are all over the major Hollywood animation studios, such as Disney Animation Studio, Digital Domain, Industrial Light and Magic, etc.

University of Southern California

USC was founded in 1880, and 43,000 students from all over the world are enrolled in more than 200 undergraduate majors, and more than 300 graduate majors, At the University of Southern California, there are over 150 minors to choose from (USC).

USC offers animation freshmen with a major in Animation and Digital Arts (BA) and a major in Film and Television Production (BFA) with extensive courses in animation and interactive arts.

Both majors are affiliated with USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. At the same time, USC also offers minors in animation and digital arts for other majors, including the animation and digital arts (MFA) major and the interactive arts major (MFA).

USC graduates are all over Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, DreamWorks, Rhythm and Hues, Nickelodeon, Sony, Illumination, Digital Domain, and other major Hollywood companies.

Rhode Island School of Art

Rhode Island College of Art and Design (RISD) is located on the scenic Providence River and has 2,781 students from 58 different countries.

This private art university offers 16 undergraduate degrees and 16 graduate degrees.

Founded in 1877, RISD has a large Film/Animation/TV (FAV) Faculty offering a range of degree programs for students in Film and Animation, including a Film/Animation/TV Combined Degree (BFA). This project is even listed as one of RISD’s 5 most popular projects.

RISD has many notable alumni, including Seth Macfarlane, the founder of the famous American TV animation Family Guy, Daniel Sousa, animator and director of the Oscar-nominated film Feral, and Lance Wilder, an animator of The Simpsons.

New York School of Visual Arts

The New York School of Visual Arts was established in 1947.

Originally called the “School of Cartoon and Illustrators”, it is now the well-known New York School of Visual Arts (SVA), with more than 6,000 students at its Manhattan campus.

SVA’s more than 35,000 graduates are now present in more than 100 countries.

Among more than 30 programs, SVA offers undergraduate programs (BFA) in animation, computer art, computer animation, and visual effects.

At the same time, the school also offers a graduate program in computer art (MFA) and an undergraduate animation program (BFA) in continuing education (CE).

SVA animation graduates work for Sony Animation, Pixar Studios, Disney Studios, Curious Pictures, DreamWorks, Blue Sky Studios, Marvel, MTV, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and many more.

Ericson Casarossa, director of Pixar’s short film Luna, is one of SVA’s well-known alumni.


The animation program under the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television was established in 1948 by former Disney animator William Shull.

UCLA’s three-year graduate animation degree (MFA) will only admit a total of 12 freshmen each year.

Students in UCLA’s MFA program come from different backgrounds. Some are undergraduate students in art or film schools, while others come from different majors in literature, mechanics, interior design, psychology, and more.

UCLA animation students also have a lot to do in the animation industry. For example, the school’s official website has an interview with Erick Oh, an alumnus who is now working at Pixar.

Young talented director Gil Kenan, who directed The Simpsons and Monster House, is also a graduate of UCLA! UCLA also offers an intensive animation program (BA) for senior film and television undergraduate students.

His undergraduate program offers students a variety of opportunities to study digital arts, film, and television, as well as a full year of animation studies and internships.

Pratt Institute of Art

Pratt Institute of Arts Founded in 1887, Pratt Institute of Arts offers 22 undergraduate programs, 26 graduate programs, and a variety of certificate programs and inter-school minors.

Pratt Institute of Art has set up digital art majors and minors focusing on 3D animation, as well as 2D animation courses.

The school has two degrees of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animation.

Pratt Institute alumni work for Disney, DreamWorks, Digital Domain, Rhythm and Hues, Sony Pictures, Cartoon Network, and many other well-known companies.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University Founded in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University has 7 colleges, more than 100 majors, and more than 13,650 students.

Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art offers an electronic media major specializing in animation, special effects, and interaction design.

At CMU, students learn about the close collaboration between interactive art design and computing through collaborative learning across the curriculum.

The CMU School of Art also offers minors in animation, special effects, and games for students from other schools in the school.

As a famous computer school, the biggest feature of CMU is the innovative education that integrates art and technology in teaching.

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago Founded in 1866, the Art Institute of Chicago is one of the most famous old independent art schools in the United States.

The school offers 25 majors and now has 3,590 students.

SAIC’s animation major is under the Film, Video, New Media, and Animation Department, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees specializing in animation.

Students at SAIC can obtain first-hand art resources such as the Art Institute of Chicago. There are several galleries on campus, as well as a vibrant artistic community.

The United States has left a lot of impressive cartoons over the years, and obviously, China’s animation has not yet developed to this point, so the future of China’s animation field depends on all students, come on.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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