What are the types of admissions?

What are the types of admissions?

In recent years, more and more people have gone to study in the United States. Today, Lawsonjob brings you an introduction to the admissions form of American universities. I hope it will be helpful to the students.

1. ED admission

Early Decision determines admission in advance, requiring applicants to apply to only one school, and if they are admitted to the school, they must go.

The deadline is generally in late October or early November, or mid-November. Results are usually available around December 25.

It does not affect RD applications. However, after being admitted by ED, you must withdraw from the RD school you have applied for, otherwise, it will affect the chances of students who apply for other schools being admitted.

2. EA admission

Early Action, early action. There are two types, one is that you can only apply for one school, and the other is that you can apply for multiple schools.

The difference from ED (advance decision) is: that after you are admitted, you can not go, that is, you can not give up the school you apply for regular admission after being admitted.

3. REA admission

Restrictive Early Action is mainly aimed at top universities, such as Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Princeton University, etc. It stipulates that during the early application stage, students can only apply to one school, but they can freely choose whether to join the school after being admitted.

4. RD admission

Regular Decision, regular admission. Apply to multiple schools at the same time.

As of February 1 of the following year, usually at the end of December.

5. RO admission

Rolling, rolling admission, the school has a deadline, but there is no fixed admission date.

The earlier the application materials are submitted, the better, and the sooner they are processed, the better the chance of admission.

Some liberal arts colleges and a few comprehensive universities, such as New York University and Tufts University, in addition to ED, also have the second round of early admission ED2. The ED usually closes on November 15th, the ED2 generally closes on January 1st, and the RD application deadline is generally January 15th.

ED2 also enjoys the rights and obligations of ED. If the student does not apply for ED or is not admitted to ED, he can apply for ED2 at other institutions immediately, and he is also obliged to After admission, you can cancel or withdraw his applications to other institutions.

It can be seen that there are various forms of admissions in American universities. Students can apply according to their own needs and conditions. The most important thing is a reasonable study abroad plan and a clear self-positioning.

The above is the introduction to the five forms of admissions in American universities. I hope it can be helpful to applicants.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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