Do UK Universities Have High Requirements for Student Attendance?

Whether at home or abroad, attendance is an important reflection of students’ learning attitudes. The domestic university attendance rate does not have a great impact on students. What about British universities? Do British universities have high requirements for student attendance? Today, the editor will talk about those things about the attendance rate of students studying in the UK.

  1. Do British universities have strict attendance requirements for students?

It might not be what everyone believes. British schools have strict requirements for attendance.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has issued attendance regulations for overseas students, requiring 100% attendance of overseas students studying language, foundation, college, and university courses in the UK. If a reasonable reason for absence cannot be provided, the student’s visa will be canceled. Cancel immediately or be refused the next visa. It is understood that the latest attendance regulations stipulate that all overseas students studying language, foundation, college, and university courses in the UK must achieve 100% attendance.

  1. What will happen if UK university attendance is not enough?

The school will record unexcused absences on the record. If the UK university attendance rate is not enough to reach the absence of more than ten days, the school will report it to the Ministry of the Interior. Once verified by the Immigration Bureau, the renewal application will be rejected; if the circumstances are more serious, the visa will be canceled. sent back home.

  1. What if I need to take a leave of absence from work?

Attendance requirements for studying in the UK are very strict – of course, you can still ask for sick leave by issuing a doctor’s certificate.

If the student needs to be absent for special reasons, you can refer to the following methods:

1. If you are sick, call the school directly to ask for leave, if the sick leave exceeds 4 days, you need to provide the school with a doctor’s letter;

  1. If there are very important matters (such as embassies or other matters) or urgent personal matters (such as family members are seriously ill, etc.), it is best to obtain the permission of the school counselor or instructor first, and show the relevant letter of certification.

In addition, the lack of attendance at British universities will also directly affect the subsequent visa application and job search.

Therefore, students should pay attention to it, and don’t just miss it casually.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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