What degree has highest employment rate?

Without further ado, today the editor will analyze the 12 majors with the highest employment rate in the UK for studying abroad. All those who plan to study abroad, come and watch!

Studying in the UK: 12 Majors with the Highest Employment Rate

NO.1: Medicine and Dentistry—- Employment rate: 99.4%

These two majors in the UK have always been very high. As long as you graduate, you must have a job. According to the data, 99.4% of students have a destination after graduation, and 92% will directly work in the UK. However, Pakistani students rarely study this major.

NO.2: Education—-Employment rate: 92.6%

Everyone should know that the UK is particularly short of teachers this year, right? Therefore, it is not difficult for students who study education to find jobs in recent years. 92.6% of education majors can find their graduation destination. However, about 15% will continue to study full-time or part-time, and another 1% will choose to work in other countries.

NO.3: Veterinary Medicine—-Employment Rate: 91.9%

Veterinary medicine is classified separately. Previously it was merged into the Medical Dentistry category.

91.9% of veterinary students found employment or continued study within 6 months of graduation. In fact. If you only look at employment rates, veterinary medicine can be ranked second. 85% of veterinary graduates find work in the UK right away, and 3% go to work in other countries.

NO.4: Medical-related majors—-employment rate: 91.8%

This broad category includes sub-disciplines such as biomedicine and neurology. Although this category contains a wide range of categories, the employment rate of 91.8 is still very impressive.

NO.5: Law—- Employment rate: 88.6%

A diploma in law can be said to be a guarantee of an iron job and a high-paying career. 88.6% of law graduates have good careers after graduation. However, this data does not refer to the employment rate. Half of the law students go on to further education. After all, this is a job that wins with diplomas and seniority!

NO.6: Biological Science—- Employment rate: 87.1%

Students are not running around Africa, looking for elephants in the savannah. 87.1% of biological science graduates have participated in work or continued research, contributing to the development of biotechnology.

NO.7: Mathematics—-Employment rate: 86.5%

Mathematics is really good for life. Because of the poor mathematics in the United Kingdom, the demand for mathematicians is indeed great. 86.5% of mathematics graduates were able to find jobs or go on to further study. They can use their mathematical knowledge to optimize the rates offered by London banks or make financial products.

NO.8: Language—-Employment rate: 86%

Few Chinese people go to the UK to read other languages, because after all, it is very difficult to learn English well. The British are also very reluctant to face this fact, but although the British still feel that English is the best, it is really useful to be able to master another language. An employment rate of 86% speaks volumes.

NO.9: Engineering—-employment rate: 85.4%

Experts around the world strongly recommend the growth of STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Judging from the current data, their recommendation is still very reasonable. Engineering graduates were active in the job market last year, with 85.4% solving the problem of their graduation.

NO.10: History and Philosophy Research—-Employment Rate: 85.54%

Many people may think it is incredible that graduates of historical and philosophical studies can make the top 10.

But this is indeed an irrefutable fact. 85.4% of graduates in the philosophy of history-related majors found employment or further study within six months of completing their degree. Moreover, this data has been dropped. Last year, the employment rate of historical philosophy majors was 90%.

NO.11: Architecture, Construction, and Planning—-Employment Rate: 85.2%

Every day, London’s skyline changes more or less. China needs a large number of architectural planning talents to meet the needs of various new buildings. According to a UK survey, 85.2% of UK university graduates can find jobs or continue their studies.

NO.12: Business and Management Research—-Employment Rate: 85%

Statistics show that 85% of business graduates can find good jobs. In some reports, this percentage is even higher.

This data is a very high number both in China’s employment circle and in the UK’s employment circle. Moreover, the number of employment of undergraduate graduates in this major is also very objective. Last year’s 19,800 graduates all found stable employment or further study within six months.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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