Why are Masters in the UK only 1 Year?

Some master’s degrees in the UK only take one year, compared to three years in Pakistan and two to three years in the United States, which is a lot less time. How much can you learn this year? Is the diploma high or not? Can the employer recognize it?” Before answering these questions, let’s explore the master’s system and education quality in the UK with the editor.

Is the one-year master’s degree in the UK not enough?

“You finished your master’s degree in one year?”

“Is it possible to graduate in less than a year?”

“A one-year master’s degree is too much!”

The doubts of relatives and friends and the disdain of HR have made many friends who are planning to study in the UK look ahead.

Indeed, many people have this question:

“Some students in the UK study for a master’s degree for only one year, which is a lot less time than three years in China and two to three years in the United States. How much can I learn this year? Is the gold content of a diploma high? Employers, Can you approve?”

Before answering these questions, let’s explore the master’s system and education quality in the UK with the editor.

Is the one-year master’s degree in the UK not enough? figure 1

UK master’s system

The length of education for a master’s degree in the UK is generally 1 to 2 years, which can be divided into two types: taught and research.

The length of taught master’s degree is generally one year, which is often referred to as studying abroad for a one-year master’s degree. Most of the courses are teaching-oriented and mostly practical. Generally divided into three semesters. The first and second semesters are mainly lectures, and the third semester is to write a dissertation.

The length of study for a master’s degree by research is generally more than 2 years. Most of the courses are research-based. The school will assign a tutor to supervise the research work. The tutor only provides guidance and advice to the students. Finally, the students independently complete a 30,000-50,000-word dissertation.

The quality of education in the UK

From the ranking point of view, among the top 100 institutions in the QS World University Rankings, in addition to the United States, the United Kingdom has the most institutions, but it should be known that there are only more than 100 institutions in the United Kingdom, while there are thousands in the United States.

In terms of historical development, the Industrial Revolution originated in the United Kingdom, and economics also originated here. Now the United Kingdom is financial power. As far as the hot subjects of studying in the UK – engineering, and business, the academic research in the UK is very orthodox and profound.

Therefore, the quality of education in UK universities is unquestionable.

Is a one-year master’s degree worth it?

In terms of time arrangement, the one-year master’s degree in the UK only subtracts half a year or one year of students’ internship and research in the school, and these activities can also be carried out by students after graduation. The one-year master’s degree only shortens the academic system, and the content of the courses and the level of professors are not compromised.

In terms of learning content, the course design is very practical, including elective courses, all are professional courses, at least 3 courses per semester, as many as 5-to 6 courses, each course requires reading a number of designated reference books, writing small Dissertation and completion of a group work project, with a passing exam at the end.

In terms of school system management, those who fail to pass the exam will be eliminated. It is not uncommon for 30% of students to fail an exam in a course, and some schools have a dropout rate of 20%-30%.

Therefore, the content of the British master’s program is actually very substantial, and the short time is never a good thing for students, it just means that the curriculum is more compact, and the study and homework pressure is more.

Gains from one year of study abroad

In addition to gaining professional knowledge and expanding international perspectives, the more important gains are self-confidence and diverse values.

This year, I will meet and deal with many challenging things, and accept the impact of different cultures and values, which will undoubtedly make me more confident and tolerant.

The impact of these gains on you is not measurable by job position and starting salary. Their value to your life is more important than financial return.

How to view a one-year master’s degree

First of all, correct your psychological expectations, and don’t delusionally think that a returnee’s name can make you “become a CEO, marry Bai Fumei, and reach the pinnacle of life”.

Secondly, in terms of job hunting, a diploma from a famous British school is indeed a good stepping stone, which can make it easier for you to get an interview. But then again, it’s just a stepping stone, and what is really convincing is your own strength.

Going to the UK to study for a master’s degree is just an opportunity, an opportunity for us to improve ourselves, broaden our horizons, and make friends. How to use it is up to us.

When judging whether it is worth it, in addition to job hunting, you should consider other longer-term things.

Even in the popular and good majors of famous schools, there will be some people who come into troubled waters, continue to mix for the year, and finally graduate and return to Pakistan and can’t find a job, which has become strong evidence of “kelp” and “British master’s water” in everyone’s mouth.

Most of the time, it is not the school or the profession, but the people who study.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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