How can a foreigner get a work permit in Canada?

How foreigners can work in Canada: Introduction to Canadian work visas

After you have worked hard to study abroad alone, are you looking for a suitable job in Canada? But being a foreigner is not easy. First of all, we need to understand how foreigners can get work visas in Canada! I don’t agree with the working underworld.

Canada’s immigration policy is strict, and it is not easy to work in Canada as a foreigner, because Canadian laws have strict restrictions on this.

How many years we can stay in Canada on a work permit?

Generally speaking, foreign citizens intending to come to Canada to work must hold a work permit issued by the Canadian government. A work permit allows a foreign citizen to work in Canada for 3 years. It is limited to a specific job position and for a specific period and must be obtained before entering Canada. A few special industries do not need a work permit, such as diplomats, foreign journalists, and under certain circumstances, art workers.

What are the requirements to get a work permit in Canada?

To apply for a work permit in Canada, you must first obtain a job offer from a Canadian company, and the job must be approved by the Employment Council of Canada. The Canadian company that issues the letter of appointment to the applicant should also report various conditions related to the employment party, such as appointment qualifications, salary, and working environment.

The company hiring the applicant needs to further explain to the Employment Board what steps it has taken to recruit staff in Canada. If there are no such professionals locally in Canada or if the job is not accepted locally, the Employment Council of Canada will approve the employment of foreigners.

Applicants need to go to the Canadian embassy in their own country to apply for a visa. When applying for the visa, they must bring the letter of appointment from the Canadian company and the certificate of the party suitable for the job. The embassy and consulate will liaise with the Canadian Employment Commission to determine whether the applicant is suitable for the position in the letter of appointment. If the review is qualified, the embassy and consulate will issue an entry visa.

How do I apply for a work permit?

After the applicant arrives in Canada, he must engage in the work permitted on the work permit. If he loses his job or changes to another job for some reason, he must re-apply for a work permit to the Immigration Bureau and submit a report on various activities to the Immigration Bureau. If the person does not comply with the regulations on the work visa issued by the Immigration Service, he may be banned from working in Canada for one year.

After obtaining a temporary work permit, after the expiration of the three years, you can apply for permanent residence. During the temporary work stay, you can purchase medical insurance, and you can also enjoy unemployment insurance. Every year, many people are granted permanent residence in temporary employment status.

Foreign companies or joint ventures established in Canada usually have to send their personnel to participate in all or part of the operation and management. However, the “Canada Immigration Act” and related laws have strict regulations on this. Only those who meet the regulations and obtain a work permit can go to Canada to engage in various business activities of the company.

What are the procedures for a work permit?

A work permit must be obtained before entering Canada. The basic procedure for obtaining a work permit is as follows: the company submits an application, which is reviewed and approved by the Canadian Immigration Service and issued by the Canadian embassy abroad. However, according to the business needs of some companies at that time, especially when the company has been officially registered in Canada and urgently needs to send people to participate in the relevant work, the method of entering the country with a visitor visa can also be adapted to temporarily establish some companies. Initial work, but you must obtain a work permit visa outside Canada (such as the United States) as soon as possible, otherwise, the visit visa will expire and you must leave the country and return.

How can I extend my stay in Canada?

A work permit visa is usually valid for 1 year, and in some cases, the Immigration Department can also issue a work permit for more than 1 year to 3 years. Before the expiry of the visa, you can apply for an extension directly to the immigration office in Canada. The work permit visa is generally allowed to be extended twice, one year each time. If the work requires the person to continue to work, he must go out of the country and go through the relevant procedures again.

It is easier for foreign citizens who hold senior management positions to obtain work permit visas. Applicants should hold senior administrative management and manager positions in the head office or related enterprises for at least 1 year. For certain special jobs, the Canadian government also allows the issuance of work permits. The advantage of applying to enter Canada as international company personnel is that you can avoid the occupational employment approval process of the Canadian Job Center. The disadvantage is that most visas cannot stay for more than 3 years.

The seemingly complicated procedure is also the protection of the rights and interests of foreign workers. After you have decided to work in Canada and have obtained a corresponding legal job, don’t forget to carefully study the relevant laws and regulations and improve your work visa application.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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