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Eight misunderstandings about Canadian student visas

Many students know that when they go to study in Canada, they need to apply for a Canadian study visa. Needless to say, there are many issues to be aware of when applying for a visa. So when applying for a Canadian visa, what places should you pay attention to, and what are the misunderstandings that everyone is easy to enter? Here are some common misunderstandings when applying for a Canadian visa.

8 Misunderstandings: Is Canada giving student visas easily?

1. Mistakenly Believe that the total Amount of Capital Quarantee is Sufficient

Many parents are not very clear about the concept of a financial guarantee, thinking that if the total amount of guarantee is enough, everything will be fine, and some parents even think that the more the guarantee, the better. The embassy’s requirements for capital guarantee mainly depend on 1. There must be a 12-month capital history to prove that the deposit was not made up to study abroad; 2. The capital guarantor must have sufficient evidence to show that the deposit and income match. If the applicant has the financial strength, but cannot prove it, then the most important thing is to give a specific written description in English, so that the embassy believes that what you said is true.

2. Mistakenly thinking that “Packaging” yourself is easy to obtain a visa

Some intermediaries, students’ parents, or the applicants themselves mistakenly believe that as long as “the fake is more like the real” is the highest state. Therefore, more and more applicants are packaging materials beyond recognition, and even those who have their real materials are also packaged in other ways. This phenomenon has caused embassies to check applicants’ documents more and more strictly. According to recent statistics, there is only a 61% pass rate for visas, resulting in a high refusal rate. The authenticity of the materials occupies a large proportion of the visa process.

3. Mistakenly think that you must have a deposit of 600,000 yuan

Since the guarantee requirement for a Canadian study visa has a history of 12 months, many parents will ask, do I have to provide a fixed deposit of RMB 600,000? 12 months of deposit history? There are many types of guarantees for studying in Canada, which can be deposits, funds, stocks, and insurance. The amount of the specific guarantee and the design of the plan should be reasonable and secure, and it does not have to be 600,000. The amount of the guarantee depends on the number of years the applicant has studied in Canada.

4. Mistakenly thinking that the visa has a back door

Some parents think that knowing the embassy staff or high-level embassy staff can give them special treatment, know the result of the visa in advance, or change the decision of the visa officer. Even the Prime Minister of Canada cannot overturn the decision of the visa officer. The visa officer has the power to judge completely independently, and no one can interfere with the legality and independence of his work, which is stipulated by law.

5. Mistakenly believe that visas require an interview

Canadian student visas are reviewed by “delivery documents”, and applicants are notified of the results within an average of 2 to 4 months. There are four kinds of results: one is refusal, stamp the passport on the passport, attach a letter of refusal, and inform the reasons; the other is approved, affix the visa to the passport, and send it to the person or entrust an agency; third, the embassy notifies the supplementary materials, will The missing materials can be supplemented; the fourth is to notify the interview, and go to the embassy for interview within 30 days, from 9:00 am to 11:30 am from Monday to Thursday. After the interview, the vast majority notified the results immediately, and very few notified the results later. Therefore, not every applicant needs to be interviewed. Only when the applicant’s materials need to be explained or verified, or the applicant’s background is complicated, it is possible to need an interview.

6. Mistakenly thinking that applicants must be under 23 years old

More and more people now believe that applicants for Canadian visas cannot be over the age of 23 or they will be refused. Such an idea is too extreme. The approval of a student visa has nothing to do with age. The key is the rationality of the applicant’s study plan, the clarity of the goal of returning to China after graduation, and the security of the financial guarantee…

7. Mistakenly believing that refusal by other countries will lead to refusal by Canada

Many students have been refused visas by the US embassy several times and instead applied to Canada. At the same time, there are also reference books for studying abroad that says that the United States refuses a visa, and Canada will also be refused. Therefore, many applicants change their passports to send a new passport for fear of being refused a visa again. It is not the case. Whether the visa can be passed has little to do with whether the visa application of another country is rejected. What is important is the rationality of the visa application materials. Such misleading causes many applicants to suffer mental, monetary, and even visa application rejections and other losses.

8. Thinking that hiring a lawyer will get you a visa or reverse the case

Many students and their parents who have been denied visas mistakenly believe that hiring a lawyer can reverse the case and get their visas back. This is equivalent to an egg hitting a stone. Which one would you say is harder? According to reports, some lawyers claimed to have sued the embassy and successfully overturned the case for those whose applications were rejected. In fact, according to the data released by the embassy, ​​the rate of successful overturning is extremely low. Therefore, students who have been refused a visa should take more time to study the reasons for the refusal, and prepare the materials for the next visa application.

Finally, I hope everyone can get out of the misunderstanding of Canadian visa application and get a visa as soon as possible.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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