How can I work in Australia after graduation?

How to apply for a work visa after graduation in Australia

Studying in Australia, I believe that many students choose to study in Australia because after graduating from an Australian university, you can still study and work in Australia for at least two years. So how can you stay and work in Australia? Those who are going to study in Australia should also study in advance.

Can I get a work visa after studying in Australia?

In terms of study abroad policy in Australia, the Australian government will provide PSW visas ranging from 2 to 4 years, namely Post-study work visas, also known as PSW work visas, to students after graduation in Australia. With it, you can study or work during the visa period, so what are the application conditions for the PSW visa?

10 specific application requirements for PSW visa

1. Applicants must have obtained a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree from an Australian school;

2. The applicant must apply for a student visa for the first time after November 5, 2011;

3. The applicant must continue to study for 2 years (ie 92 weeks) in Australia (based on the course length registered on CRICOS, for example, if you have studied for 92 weeks, but the course length registered on CRICOS is 69 weeks, It’s useless for so long, and language courses don’t count);

4. Applicants must have completed no less than 16 months of study in Australia according to the law (overlapping courses will not be counted repeatedly);

5. The courses taken by the applicant must be taught in English;

6. The courses taken by the applicant must be registered on the “Registration of Institutions and Courses Recruiting Overseas Students by the Commonwealth of Australia (CRICOS)”;

7. The applicant’s English ability must reach four IELTS levels of 6 points;

8. Applicants must submit this visa application within 6 months of obtaining an eligible degree certificate;

It must be stated that students need to submit this visa application within 6 months of the end of the course. That is to say, it will be counted from the date you complete the study requirements, not the date on your certificate;

9. The applicant must be in Australia when applying for this visa;

10. Applicants must be under the age of 50.

Whether you are a graduate now facing the problem of finding a job in Australia or planning to study in Australia, quickly save this article, and don’t forget the important nodes, it is a lifelong event!

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