Can international students study part-time in Hong Kong?

Can I do an internship or part-time job to earn money while studying in Hong Kong?

Can you work in Hong Kong while studying? The authoritative answer from the Immigration Department is here!
Many friends who are going to study in Hong Kong are very concerned about whether they can intern in Hong Kong during their studies? After all, in the face of high tuition and rent, everyone hopes to work-study, earn some living expenses, and accumulate some work experience by the way.
But on this issue, there are different opinions on the Internet, and some people even say that this is illegal?

Don’t be frightened by such an answer. In response to this question, my senior went to the official website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department for verification, and confirmed that as long as they abide by the relevant regulations, students who meet the requirements can engage in internships and part-time jobs in Hong Kong!

What are the exact rules that must be adhered to? What are the requirements to meet? How to legally study while working part-time? The Hong Kong Immigration Department has detailed definitions for internships, part-time jobs on campus, and summer jobs, and they also make different requirements. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Internship

According to the answer given on the official website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department, mainland students can engage in limited internships during their studies in Hong Kong, but they must meet the following requirements:

  1. The duration of study is not less than one academic year
  2. The content of the internship is related to the subject and course content studied
  3. Organized or approved by the College
  4. The maximum duration of the internship is one academic year or one-third of the full study period, whichever is shorter
  5. No restrictions on work location, salary (subject to statutory minimum wage), working hours, and employer

That is, students who are studying for a one-year taught master’s degree in Hong Kong, who meet the above requirements, can also undertake related internships! However, before the internship starts, you must also apply to the Immigration Department through the college to obtain a “No Objection Letter (NOL)”.

With this NOL, you can legally conduct relevant internships in Hong Kong! However, it should be noted that the NOL of the internship is valid for one year. After the expiration, or during the transfer to other courses, the NOL of the original course will be invalid, and you need to re-apply!

The following is a detailed description of NOL in various schools in Hong Kong. Students who need it can go to the official website to learn about the situation:

Hong Kong Universities for internship part-time job

Hong Kong University:

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:

Chinese University of Hong Kong:

City University of Hong Kong:

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

Hong Kong Baptist University:

The Education University of Hong Kong:

Lingnan University:

2. Part-time jobs on Campus

If you can’t find a company for an internship, it’s okay to work part-time to earn some money, but you can only work part-time on campus. We often hear that foreign students working in convenience stores, McDonald’s, and other off-campus part-time jobs are never allowed in Hong Kong, so I advise everyone not to take this risk.

For on-campus part-time jobs, the Immigration Department also has relevant regulations:

  1. Part-time work needs to be done on the campus of the institution where the student is enrolled
  2. The employer must be the institution itself (assuming the workplace is not on the campus)
  3. Employed only by operators designated by the institution
  4. The cumulative time of part-time work on campus cannot exceed 20 hours per week
  5. Do not transfer unused hours from one week to another week (7 days per week)

Those who want to work part-time on campus also need the approval of the college and the immigration department, and can only start work after obtaining an NOL! However, unlike the NOL for internships, the NOL for part-time work on campus is valid during the specified course, that is, undergraduate students or full-time master’s students with more than two years, only need to apply once during their stay in Hong Kong.

As for what part-time jobs are available in the school, you can go to the official website of the respective school or college to see which positions meet the requirements.

3. Summer job

The Hong Kong Immigration Department does not have too many restrictions on summer work. Those who work from June 1 to August 31 can be regarded as summer work, and the salary (subject to the statutory minimum wage), working hours, work location, There are no restrictions on employers and nature of work.

However, it should be noted that, before starting a summer job, it is also necessary to apply to the Immigration Department to obtain an NOL to be considered legal and compliant. Like the NOL for part-time work on campus, it is valid during the stay.

However, summer jobs are only for undergraduates. The one-year taught master’s degree will probably end in May, and there is no summer vacation at all…

Frequently asked questions about internships and part-time jobs in Hong Kong include:

  1. Can I do an internship after completing the course?

Can’t. According to the regulations of the Immigration Department, after you have completed the subjects/credits required for graduation (for example, you have just completed the last year of courses), you cannot continue to practice!

If the students who have completed the course want to stay in Hong Kong and continue to work, they need to apply for an IANG visa. After getting the IANG visa, they can officially work in Hong Kong!

  1. Can I hold multiple part-time on-campus jobs?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of on-campus part-time jobs for eligible students, but not more than 20 cumulative hours per week. Some schools have special regulations. For example, CUHK stipulates that part-time part-time jobs on campus should not exceed 18 hours per week.

  1. What if the NOL is accidentally lost?

It can be reapplied for free. No appointment is required, go directly to the 6th floor of the Immigration Department, the Outstanding Talents and Mainland Residents Section to apply for processing.

Required materials: passport, small vermicelli, small white stick, Hong Kong ID card, student card (all materials must be copied, so be sure to make copies in advance).

The above are the specific regulations on whether you can do internships or part-time jobs while studying in Hong Kong. If you have other related questions, you can contact our little assistant for a consultation!

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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