Is Hong Kong University good for international students?

Why is it so complicated to apply for studying in Hong Kong?

With the increasing number of students studying in Hong Kong year by year, the already cumbersome professional application process has become more complicated. The following editor will analyze why it is so cumbersome to apply for studying in Hong Kong? 

As the number of students studying in Hong Kong increases year by year, the already cumbersome professional application process has become more complicated.

Is it worth it to study in Hong Kong?

1. Time to prepare materials

Acceptance and deadlines for applications vary from institution to institution, especially since each institution and each major vary greatly. Generally speaking, colleges and universities will start accepting applications for the next academic year one year in advance.

For example, the University of Hong Kong will start accepting applications for courses in September of the next year as early as one year before the start of the semester. The first round of admission notices will be issued in February. If the professional enrollment is not full, the second round of applications will be opened, if the enrollment quota has been reached, no more applications will be accepted.

Is it safe to study in Hong Kong?

Therefore, it is recommended that students start to study the major and institution they want to study a year and a half in advance, and prepare materials as soon as possible. In addition, because the university handbook is updated every year, and in response to education reform and enrollment, the admission requirements are slightly different every year. The application time and application requirements of different majors in the same institution will be different, not to mention between different institutions. Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient time to consider the colleges and majors to apply for and to prepare application materials according to different majors in different colleges and universities.

2. Entry requirements

The specific entry requirements for different colleges, stages of study, and majors vary. But generally speaking, it will be mainly based on the applicant’s academic background and academic achievements, and admission will go through an interview process.

For example, the Chinese University of Hong Kong requires applicants to submit copies of their secondary school qualification certificates in addition to their Gaokao scores. Generally, the school website will list the list of documents required for non-local students to apply, but the website is generally not specific enough, and each major is different. Many students do not get the documents due to insufficient preparation time and delay in supplementing the materials. Admission, so if there is an experienced professional organization to assist at this time, it will greatly reduce the time for material preparation and greatly improve the success rate.

In addition, as most courses are taught in English, some institutions also require proof of English language proficiency, such as IELTS. In addition, it should be noted that the validity period of the IELTS score is limited from the date of the test, so you should ensure the validity period of the IELTS score in time, and retake the test as soon as possible before the application deadline.

3. How to Apply

With many world-class universities in Hong Kong, the application process for studying in Hong Kong can be quite intense. You must communicate your understanding of the major you are applying for, where you are thinking about it, how you would like to start, and how you would like to build it based on what you have learned from your chosen course. If you can make people feel that you love the course without being explicit, admissions teachers already know how good you are. Hong Kong culture is built on mutual respect. Applicants should remember to brag about themselves, which will make them appear superficial or even lazy. Make certain that your writing is clear and succinct.

You should also summarize all your academic achievements so far, clarify your development status in Hong Kong and describe your other skills relevant to the course. Hong Kong has recently undergone educational reforms that focus on whole-person development, so proving your other skills and how you understand the “real world” application of your field will give you a lot of credit for your application.

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