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A complete guide to studying in Hong Kong!

Nowadays, more and more students choose to study in Hong Kong, because although there are few schools in Hong Kong, the overall level is world-class. The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong are ranked in the top 50 in the world, Hong Kong city, Hong Kong Polytechnic, Baptist, and Lingnan are also ranked in the top 500 in the world, so the schools and education industry in Hong Kong is very high, and the number of applicants every year is also very large, the competition is quite fierce, and the application difficulty is much higher than Popular study abroad countries such as the UK and the US.

1. Time arrangement

The first step in applying for a Hong Kong school is to arrange the time. If you have a plan, you will have a solid foundation in your heart.


1. Select majors and schools, understand the relevant information of the target schools, and prepare to take the language test

2. Prepare relevant documents and transcripts and other documents

October-December: Submit application materials on time

the second year

January-March: After getting the interview notice from the school, prepare for the interview

April: Interview, waiting for admission result

May-June: get the offer

July-August: apply for a visa, prepare before the trip

2. Material preparation

1. Undergraduate transcript:

Need to have the stamp of the graduate school

2. Proof of English proficiency:

A TOEFL or IELTS score is usually required, and some schools also accept Level 6 scores. What I want to explain here is that if the children’s shoes have not yet obtained the language score when they apply, don’t worry, don’t panic. Hong Kong schools can apply first and then submit language scores.

3. GMAT/GRE Scores:

Some schools have specific requirements for GMAT/GRE scores and must submit GMAT/GRE scores. In the same way, if the scores have not come out when you apply, you can apply first and then resubmit.

4. Resume (cv)

The content on the resume should include name, gender, date, and place of birth, nationality, marriage, current study or work unit and detailed mailing address, school and major applied for, personal educational background, personal professional experience, foreign language proficiency, What kind of academic group to join, what kind of honor.

5. Letter of recommendation

Master’s applications in Hong Kong schools generally require two letters of recommendation, one of which must be written by someone in the academic field. Its content is an evaluation of your academic ability.

If you want to apply for a master’s by research, you will also need to make an evaluation and recommendation of your research plan.

6. Personal statement

When writing self-recommendation letters, children’s shoes must describe their strengths without concealment. (Although it is said to be humble, this is not the time to be humble. It is time to show yourself~~) In addition, pay attention to the length of the page. Not too short or too long. Personal statements are generally 1-2 pages long. If it is too short, it is easy to cause unclear expression; if it is too long, the school does not like to read it.

7. Various qualification certificates and award certificates obtained in school or on the job, and proof of the social practice of students in school, etc.:

To prove the overall quality of the individual.

8. Research plan:

If you apply for a master’s degree by research, you must also write a research plan. The content of the research plan generally includes the research object, that is, the problem you want to solve; the significance of researching this problem; the research status of predecessors; research methods, and references.

Everyone should pay attention to the production of documents, and don’t mistakenly think that submitting grades and various experience certificates are foolproof.

3. Application stage

Since Hong Kong schools obtain degrees on a “first-come, first-served” basis, if you are ready, please apply as soon as possible. Try to submit your application in the first round of applications. By the second and third rounds of application, it will become more and more difficult.

Another very important point is that when applying online, be sure not to fill in the wrong information. Such non-technical IQ mistakes are inexcusable. When you find that you fill in the wrong forum, but it is difficult to change it, you will suffer physically and mentally, and then you will feel very uneasy. So be more careful. After applying online, it is the kingly way to send materials happily.

Fourth, the interview stage

Some colleges offer written tests or interviews. The comrades who received the notice should not be nervous, receiving the written test or interview notice is one step closer to success. A written test or an interview is an opportunity, an opportunity for you to stand out. So relax, let out a nervous roar, and then prepare for the written test or interview.

When going to an interview, remember to sleep with a glass of milk the night before and be in good spirits the next day. Whether it’s a phone interview or a video interview, be polite and make a good impression on the interviewer. Also, be prepared to say something.

5. Get the offer

There is nothing to say about this one. But getting to this point is something to celebrate. Classmates, congratulations, your efforts are not in vain but don’t let up when you are a graduate student, you still need to continue to work hard!

6. Conclusion

It is not easy to apply for a master’s degree in Hong Kong. From the determination of majors and institutions in the early stage, the preparation of materials, the application, the submission of materials, the interview, and finally getting the offer, it’s still the same sentence:

Early preparation + early application = early success

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Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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