What to Consider When Applying for a Master's?

Inventory of the four major considerations for studying in Hong Kong and applying for a master’s degree

Since Hong Kong is close to home to visit relatives, it has become one of the ideal choices for many mainland students to study in Hong Kong. So, what problems should you pay attention to when studying in Hong Kong for postgraduate study? Here are the four major precautions for you to study in Hong Kong and apply for a master’s degree. Let’s take a look!

1. Admission time

The postgraduate enrollment time is usually in the fourth quarter of each year to enroll students who are enrolled in September of the following year. The specific application time is from November to December. Some schools can delay the application submission time to the end of March of the following year. Therefore, experts in studying abroad in Hong Kong suggest that students who want to apply for postgraduate studies should prepare application materials and submit applications as soon as possible to ensure that the school has enough places to recruit students. 

The school will issue the admission results in the second quarter of the following year, which is often referred to as ConditionalOffer. Admission will automatically take effect after meeting the requirements listed above. The application will generally start in December each year, during which there will be interviews and other procedures, and the results will be announced in April and May of the following year. The results of some applications may not be announced until June or July.

2. TOEFL, IELTS, gre and gmat

English proficiency certified by TOEFL and IELTS is required for mainland students, and you can choose one of them. Some majors recognize China’s CET-6 scores. A higher English score, although not decisive for admissions, leaves a better impression. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t taken the test when you apply, or your grades are unsatisfactory, remember to submit your application first and then delay submitting your grades. Generally, the latest time to submit the results can be the end of March of the following year, and some can be later. Please contact the school to ask about the specific time.

3. Application hope/success probability

The most frequently asked questions by mainland students are “how much chance do I have to apply for success” and “how much hope do I have to apply for success?”. There is no consistent criterion for graduate student admission in Hong Kong schools, and it is not a “one size fits all” situation, however, there are certain guidelines to follow. Some of the following conditions will affect the chance of success:

Good undergraduate “origin”; good undergraduate grades; research experience; recommenders with high prestige; high-quality research plan, good interview performance, whether to change majors, etc. The application is mainly determined by these aspects, but whether or not to be admitted is a comprehensive consideration after all. It is decided by the school, the department, and the professor. When applying, no one can predict the final result, but the applicant combines the above conditions to give himself. “Position” to estimate how confident you are.

Fourth, the way out

Mainland students who go to Hong Kong for postgraduate studies usually only focus on academic achievements and neglect to participate in various interactions to integrate into Hong Kong society. The employment situation in Hong Kong after graduation can be described as grim. According to a local unofficial survey, compared with undergraduates, graduate students are affected by factors such as high research pressure, short study time, and a high proportion of mainland students. In addition, postgraduate degrees have no significant advantage in employment in Hong Kong, and their employment competitiveness has declined.

The proportion of employment in Hong Kong is further lower than the overall level. When choosing a postgraduate study in a Hong Kong school, applicants should clearly understand the employment situation and challenges they will face in Hong Kong after graduation. If they intend to stay in Hong Kong for employment, they should try their best to make up for their deficiencies during the study period, so that they can stay in the Hong Kong job market. more competitive.

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