How to Apply for a Singapore Study Loan?

Can I get a loan to study in Singapore?

Students who are going to study in Singapore and are worried about tuition fees come here~ Here I will tell you how to apply for a Singapore study loan.

Singapore student loans fall under the category of educational student loans. Educational student loans include commercial education student loans and state-sponsored student loans with financial discounts. Commercial education student loan refers to the loan issued by the lender to the borrower for the borrower or his legal ward to study in domestic middle schools, ordinary colleges and universities, and study for master’s and doctoral degrees, or to study in overseas universities and study for master’s, doctoral degrees, etc.

Student loans for tuition

Consumption loans for tuition and miscellaneous expenses (including travel expenses for going abroad) required for doctoral degrees; state-sponsored student loans refer to the interest subsidized by the central finance or local finance issued by the lender to the borrower for the borrower himself or his immediate family members, statutory Student loans for tuition, miscellaneous and living expenses for the ward to study full-time undergraduate, junior college or postgraduate studies in domestic institutions of higher learning. Study abroad loans is currently only available for business loans. (For more consultation on studying abroad, please consult Tiandao’s free online consultant)

Singapore student loan applicants can pick up the application form from the branch designated by the lender, fill in the application form truthfully, and submit it to the lender together with the following materials after signing and stamping.

What are documents required for an education loan?

  1. If the applicant is a student studying abroad, the following materials must be provided:

(1) The original and photocopy of the applicant’s and spouse’s ID card, marriage certificate, household registration book, or valid residence certificate issued by the competent authority;

(2) The admission notice, acceptance letter, and other valid admission proof materials and relevant necessary fee proofs issued by the school to be studied abroad, along with the proof of my academic qualifications;

(3) Provide a Chinese citizen with full capacity for civil conduct as the borrower’s domestic agent, and provide the ID card, relevant residence certificate, and mailing address of the domestic agent;

(4) If the property is mortgaged or pledged, the certificate of the ownership of the mortgaged property or the original document of the pledged property and the certificate of the person entitled to dispose of it (including the property co-owner) agreeing to the mortgage or pledge shall be provided, and the mortgage issued by the competent department shall be provided if necessary. (pledge) certificate of valuation of the collateral;

(5) If the guarantor is a legal person, the guarantor shall issue a written document agreeing to guarantee the guarantor (if the guarantor is a branch of the legal person, the legal person authorization guarantee document shall be issued at the same time), the business license of the enterprise legal person, the audited financial statements of the previous year and the latest and related Credit proof materials;

If the guarantor is a natural person, the guarantor’s ID card, household registration booklet, income or property certificate, and other credit certificates shall be provided;

(6) Other information required by the lender.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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