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Ranking of the 10 most widely employed professions, no longer have to worry about finding a job

Choosing a major that suits you has always been a problem for students preparing to study abroad. This article collects ten popular majors with the most extensive employment opportunities, which can be used to reference students who need them.

We usually see a lot of professional names, such as economics, international trade, archives, public management, etc. Do you think they are very high? But, of course, suitable employment is the last word in such a large society.

Today, the editor has compiled ten majors with the most comprehensive employment scope to tell you what they are doing after graduation for parents and students to refer to.

The economics

prominent is known for its “broad” and “fine” economic knowledge. It is within its jurisdiction, whether the theoretical basis of economics or financial analysis methods. The economics major is a primary discipline, focusing on economic theory, and cultivating visionary talents.

The counterparts of graduates are the financial system, mainly banks, securities companies, investment management companies, asset management companies, etc., primarily engaged in research and analysis work. At the same time, graduates are also suitable for entering the consulting industry, such as management consulting, marketing consulting, IT consulting and other consulting institutions and investment banks, including large multinational consulting companies or well-known local consulting companies. In addition, media is one of the employment directions for economics majors, and economics graduates also gather in financial media.

International Economics and Trade

The International Economics and Trade significant trains students to master the theory, policy, and business skills of international economics and trade and international finance. In addition, government administration and other institutions take office.

Students majoring in international economics and trade who want to engage in economic theory research and teaching after graduation can choose to continue their studies. Since there are many international economics and trade courses, there is room for development in many economics disciplines. First of all, with advantages in foreign languages, studying abroad is a good way; secondly, if you want to get employment directly after graduation, enterprises, government agencies, banks, accounting firms, securities companies, futures companies, etc., can enter.


journalism graduates have strong adaptability and are quick to enter roles. Society’s demand for journalism graduates is not very cold. Employers are often optimistic about the writing and publicity abilities of journalism graduates. Many journalism graduates have even switched careers to take jobs from graduates of other majors. According to common sense, the counterpart major recruited by the Party Committee Office should be ideological and political education. Still, journalism graduates have good writing skills and a particular ability to handle affairs independently. The propaganda departments of enterprises and institutions at all levels prefer to recruit journalism majors. Students, Internet companies, advertising companies, and many institutions also open their minds to journalism graduates.

Many websites and new media need journalism graduates, such as information channels of comprehensive portal websites, news websites, etc. Advertising companies are even more welcome to join journalism professionals. The copywriters and planners of advertising companies need to understand the market conditions of customers’ products and require advertisers to have a solid ability to accept new things, collect information quickly, think quickly, be good at communication, have creative thinking skills, and often write soft advertising articles ( Usually writing press releases), writing is better, which brings many opportunities for journalism graduates. The propaganda department of large enterprises is also a good way out, and secretarial can also be used as an employment direction.

Journalism is a large category, subdivided into radio and television journalism, communication, editing and publishing and other majors. Each candidate has his personality and interest characteristics, and he can exert his most significant potential in the most suitable field for him.

Electronic Information Science and Technology

Telecommunications companies are the first choice for graduates in Electronic Information Science and Technology related industries. These telecommunications companies include China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and more multinational companies entering the Chinese mainland. Due to the high growth and high profits of these industries, the salaries of the company’s employees are also very generous. In addition to companies, graduates majoring in electronic information science and technology can also go to banks, post and telecommunications and other departments to engage in related jobs. Although these industries are not dominated by electronic communication, these technologies are indispensable to them. Therefore, electronic information science and technology graduates are still in great demand.


Accounting is the core content of economic management. As a standard “business language”, accounting is becoming more and more critical in today’s economic globalization and international economic exchanges. The unique measurement, recording, and reporting of accounting, commonly known as bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, and accounting, contain the essential functions of “accounting for the past”, “controlling the present”, and “predicting the future” in management. These tasks run through the economy—the whole process of governance. As long as there is economic activity, any unit needs accounting work.

Therefore, the employment objects of accounting majors include various enterprises, institutions, government agencies, groups, troops, intermediary agencies, etc. Graduates can not only engage in accounting work in these units but also engage in auditing and consulting services. After further training, they can engage in related scientific research and teaching work.


“Automation” belongs to the information industry. The information industry is known as the “sunrise industry”. It is developing rapidly, needs many talents, and has a high salary. It is the trend of today’s technology development. Almost all industrial sectors can be linked to automatic control, modern agriculture and national defence are also closely related to automation, and the application scope of automation is quite extensive.

The course content of the automation major intersects with electronic engineering, computer, electrical engineering and even chemical engineering. This “magic oil” major involves courses in many aspects. Automation students need to master all aspects of engineering, so it is no wonder that graduates can work in various fields.

The advantages of the automation major are particularly prominent in employment. Graduates can engage in automatic control system analysis, system design, system research and development in the field of control, and system decision-making, planning, implementation, evaluation, and management. Electronic, electric power, petrochemical, aviation, aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, national defence and national economy are engaged in teaching, scientific research, development, operation and management of automatic control systems. All industries can be linked to automation, and it is easier for graduates to change careers. For example, students majoring in Archives and Archives will study archives, cultural heritage protection, e-government, digital information security management, database intellectual property research, etc. The employment opportunities are pretty extensive. Graduates are suitable for information management departments, party and government agencies, and enterprises and institutions.

Secretarial, archives management, administrative management, human resource management, and related research work can also be engaged in news, cultural resources, and artistic undertaking management.

Government agencies, enterprises and institutions cannot lack talents in archival science. However, with network informatization, traditional archives management will gradually be transformed into electronic information archives management, and more professional skills from archives disciplines are urgently needed.

The most significant difference between public

utility management and administrative management are not only from politics and sociology but also more emphasis on applying economic principles and quantitative methods to deal with practical problems. The public utility management major focuses on cultivating professionals who serve the public interest and mainly manages public utilities such as culture and education, sports, health, environmental protection, social insurance, and various social management.

The public utility management major combines human resources, equipment, capital, information, Technology, management system, etc., to carry out the overall planning, design, improvement and implementation of the public management system, optimize it, and improve the efficiency of various public utilities And social benefits, the employment scope of graduates is vast, not only can go to the corporate administration department, but also suitable for becoming manager assistants, management secretaries, planning and execution, or engaged in sales data analysis in the marketing department, and can also enter the human resources management of enterprises and institutions Departments, and become the coordinator of compensation, evaluation, training, recruitment, etc. of enterprises and institutions.


Marketing significant trains professionals who can be engaged in the management and marketing planning of various enterprises. Students majoring in marketing will learn modern sales skills, how to conduct business negotiations, how to carry out product development strategies, pricing strategies, target market positioning, business promotion planning, CIS planning, personal sales planning, how to conduct market research and forecasting, and many more related to the market. Sales related knowledge. Large enterprises have specialized marketing departments with specialized sales staff and marketing planners. They need to analyze the current situation and future development trends of market demand, decide the target market’s choice according to the enterprise’s condition and achieve predetermined goals. Adopt a planned, controlled approach and make adjustments on time, which requires marketing knowledge.

Marketing graduates are suitable for the organization and management of marketing and international marketing in industrial and commercial enterprises, enterprise groups, foreign trade companies, general trading companies, financial institutions, advertising companies, futures, and securities companies. Management or research institutions. At present, my country lacks compound senior management talents who understand management and technology and are familiar with domestic and international markets. The national talent shortage management system has included senior marketing managers such as marketing directors and marketing managers. computer science and Technology

Computer science

Computer science and technology majors have good scientific literacy, systematically master the basic theory, basic skills and methods of computer science and Technology, have modern computer professional knowledge, have a solid ability to acquire new knowledge, innovation ability and practical ability, can Technical personnel engaged in computer system design and development, computer application and technical and economic management. Graduates can engage in research, development, application and governance in modern high-tech fields such as computer system development, software development, network technology, multimedia technology, information engineering, control engineering and computer application.

The field of computing is vast, and graduates of Computer Science and Technology can go in or out. “Enter” can be a software and hardware development engineer, software engineering manager, and “retire” can be engaged in daily computer maintenance work in enterprises and institutions. In the context of the popularization of computers, the teaching industry also provides many positions for graduates of this major.

When choosing a job, it is recommended that you first find your point of interest, then learn more about it, and think carefully about whether you like the major. Some students are only interested in a particular aspect of such a situation but may not really like this kind of work. Therefore, I remind everyone that you must be cautious when choosing a major and carefully check the background knowledge of the relevant major to decide whether it is suitable for your future career plan.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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