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Strong but not highly ranked British universities and majors are recommended!

Students applying to study in the UK will refer to the rankings of British universities such as Times and the Guardian in the process of choosing a school. Rankings can indeed reflect the quality, status, reputation, etc. of a school, but the rankings used by the British university rankings are different. Next, I will introduce to you a few universities and majors in the UK that are not ranked high but have strong strengths.

The rankings usually focus on measuring one or several aspects of the school, which will result in some strong universities not appearing at the top of the rankings.

Next, I will introduce to you a few universities and majors in the UK that are not ranked high but have strong strengths.

SOAS, University of London

(SOAS—-University of London)

Recommended reasons and majors:

Founded in 1916, SOAS is the only higher education institution in the UK specializing in the study of Asia, Africa, the Near East, and the Middle East. It is also the institution with the largest number of scholars studying Eastern and African issues in the world and has trained a considerable number of diplomats.

Anthropology is ranked third in the UK, after Cambridge and LSE; third in history and art history, political science, theology and religious studies, fourth in economics, and fifth in music.

Royal Holloway University of London

(Royal Holloway University of London)

Recommended reasons and majors:

The college has cooperated with Oxford University to build the National Cyber ​​Security Research Center funded by the government. It is the first university in the world to offer a taught master’s program in information security and enjoys a high degree of recognition and reputation in the UK.

Royal Holloway’s majors in film and television production, scriptwriting, documentary production, directing, and drama performance are all practical courses and enjoy a high reputation in the UK.

Queen Mary University of London

(Queen Mary-University of London)

Recommended reasons and majors:

Founded in 1887, a total of five Nobel Prize winners were born or worked at the university; the Faculty of Social Sciences has many world-renowned professors in the field of Renaissance studies; alumni include many well-known radio reporters and anchors, film producers, and directors.

Strengths include astronomy, English, law, economics, aerospace engineering, and medicine.

Also, Queen Mary University has the prestigious Buzz London School of Dentistry.

City University

(City University London)

Recommended reasons and majors:

City University was founded in 1894, obtained the Royal Charter in 1966, and became one of the outstanding modern universities in the UK.

Its Cass School of Business (Cass) is one of the world’s leading business schools, and has obtained the three most authoritative business education quality certifications in the world: “AACSB”, “EQUIS” and “AMBA”.

Brunel University

(Brunel University)

Recommended reasons and majors:

Brunel University was established in 1966. The university was named after Isambard Brunel, the most famous engineer in British history, which also established its outstanding status in British engineering schools.

Other advantageous majors include industrial design and art design.

Marketing majors and some management majors offer a two-year master’s program with a one-year internship.

Goldsmiths College

(Goldsmiths, University of London)

Recommended reasons and majors:

Founded in 1904, it has now become a part of the University of London. It is known for art and design, culture and social sciences, communication and media studies, drama, dance and film, music, psychology, and other courses are outstanding courses in the school.

Six graduates have won the TurnerPrize, the European heavyweight contemporary art award. Its learning atmosphere and teaching quality are more focused on student employment.

University of the Arts London

(University of Arts London)

Recommended reasons and majors:

Founded in 1986, it has 18 campuses in central London and consists of six colleges teaching art, design, fashion, and media courses.

The University of the Arts London is the largest educational institution in Europe for art, design, media communication, and performing arts.

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