Can I change my major to Masters? Study in the UK

Studying in the UK: Choose a Master’s Degree and Change Majors Carefully

During the application season, students not only hesitated a lot in choosing a college but also thought for a long time when deciding on their major. Although it is not difficult to study for a master’s degree and change majors in terms of studying in the UK, students still need to be cautious in order to achieve better development.

According to expert analysis, in terms of studying in the UK, it is relatively easy to change a major from a master’s degree. In addition to meeting the basic admission requirements, applicants only need to provide the school with sufficient materials to prove that they have the potential and learning ability to apply for the major. The chances of successfully obtaining a visa from the school and the embassy will become great.

The UK has the lowest degree of difficulty in transferring a master’s degree to a major in business

Generally speaking, liberal arts students can transfer to business courses when they go abroad. However, special attention should be paid to transferring to the major of finance. The major of finance in the UK is a science course that uses mathematics as a means. Generally, students are required to have studied mathematics and have good grades. Different schools have slightly different requirements. The University of Exeter, the University of Bath, the University of Glasgow, the University of Leeds, the University of Newcastle, the University of Birmingham, and the University of Sussex are all prominent in the direction of financial business.

There are more majors that can be transferred to UK postgraduate liberal arts students

For liberal arts students studying abroad, there are many majors to choose from. Undergraduate language students can transfer to majors in mass media, translation, journalism, foreign language education, etc.; undergraduate students majoring in literature, history, philosophy, sociology, etc., can switch to journalism, accounting, marketing, etc. Recommended schools: University of Sheffield, Nottingham Troon University, University of Leicester, Goldsmiths University.

British Master of Science Students Should Carefully Change Majors

There are many science majors with very good academic performance, but they choose business majors on the grounds of good business employment prospects. Since the employment prospects of most science majors are quite good, it is recommended that science students, if they are not particularly interested in the original major, may consider continuing their studies in the major, or the major transferred has a certain relationship with the original major, such as this one Student of science biology, if they find it difficult to study medicine, can choose to study nutrition and pharmacy-related to biology. In this case, on the one hand, the knowledge reserved at the undergraduate level will not be wasted; on the other hand, it will also be beneficial to future employment. This is because at least 60% of the Chinese students who have studied abroad in recent years have chosen to major in business, and these students will definitely have fierce competition for employment in the next few years; while there are relatively few students enrolled in science majors, and the employment space is obviously larger.

The application materials for changing majors need to improve their strengths and make up for their weaknesses

If students want to transfer to other majors, especially if the transition of majors is too large, I suggest that they should consider providing more auxiliary materials as support during the application process. For example, writing a personal statement based on your family background, studying in college, or working in a certain field to discuss your motivation to apply, and convince the professor that you really like the new major and have the ability to study this major. Good for applying to good schools.

Of course, some majors cannot be successful if they provide these, especially popular majors in first-class universities. If our span is too large, I think there is another way to make up for it by taking a professional bridge course. Necessary factors for successful application for major transfer: professional material production + reasonable design plan for studying abroad + professional team service + good college cooperation.

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