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Are you ready to apply to study in the United Kingdom?

What preparations do I need to apply to study in the UK? The editor recommends that if you don’t have a complete plan, don’t rashly apply for studying in the UK, otherwise it will only be useless.

The application for studying in the UK in 2022 is in full swing, but according to the editor’s understanding, there are still many children in the application army who are not fully prepared for studying in the UK.

Now, let’s take a look at what preparations you need to do to apply to study in the UK.

First of all, applicants to study in the UK should ask themselves a few key questions:

1- Can the family financially afford the expenses of studying in the UK?

Although the cost of studying in the UK is now a little less than before, it is also a lot of expense for ordinary families.

Before studying in the UK, you should plan carefully and measure whether your family can afford the expenses of studying abroad, to avoid the embarrassment of dropping out due to insufficient funds in the middle of studying abroad.

The cost of studying in the UK is generally between 25W and 30W a year, and there are also more. I don’t think this is a small amount.

2- Is your ability too strong? Can you adapt to studying in the UK?

Applicants themselves need to have certain self-care abilities and learning adaptability. If they do not have strong life self-care ability and adaptability, they will undoubtedly add a burden to their studies, and may even be unable to complete their studies.

If students have strong learning ability, especially in language ability, if they are good at English, they can communicate with people proficiently and integrate into local culture and life more quickly. This is to ensure that students studying abroad can achieve their expected learning. necessary conditions for the effect.

3- Is the language foundation well laid? Can you quickly adapt to teaching English in the UK?

To apply to study in the UK, you must have a certain level of English.

The latest draft of the UK student visa stipulates that only B1 level English proficiency is required, but now it must be raised to B2 level, and entry visas will not be granted for those who do not pass the English level.

These new regulations will directly affect students who apply to study in the UK for undergraduate courses below, and their application will be more difficult.

At present, the English language tests recognized by the UK Border Agency mainly include the following: IELTS (IELTS), with a minimum score of 4.0 in each of listening, speaking, reading, and writing; PTE Academic, with a minimum of 4.0 in each of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. at 43 points.

The minimum IELTS requirement for undergraduate and postgraduate students is 6.5 overall and 6 for most subscores. In any case, language is the foundation. Only if you have good language skills, it will make sense to study in the UK and learn something.

4- Is the major you studied good enough? Is the academic average score enough to apply to a UK university?

People who study abroad are divided into different age groups and different levels. Therefore, British schools also have requirements for the education they receive before studying abroad.

Generally speaking, junior and senior high school students do not need any professional foundation to study in the UK. As long as they apply for a good school and get a visa, they can go to the UK to study their favorite courses. Students who go to the UK to study for a bachelor’s degree or above need to have a certain professional foundation. Knowledge, because there is a certain gap between the British education model and the domestic one, if the professional span is too large, it will be difficult to learn.

Students studying in the UK, can you answer the above four questions with certainty? If the answer is very yes, then you are indeed well prepared for studying in the UK.

IELTS is a widely accepted language score in UK universities, so be sure to prepare qualified scores in advance.

What? Self-study is boring and unbearable? No one has the most heartbreak. If you don’t know how to learn, you have to guess? No one communicates, and you are the only one who is uttering words alone? Offline reporting time is too fixed and unbearable? Afraid of missing a class and being unable to keep up with the progress? Ruined weekend holidays?

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