What is the Best Major to Study in UK? Study Abroad

What are the Most Brain-Burning Majors for Studying in the UK?

Studying abroad, going to study in the UK, and choosing a major is the most troublesome thing. When a popular major is the preferred major for students, is the popular major suitable for you? Today, lawsonjob will introduce the most brain-burning majors for studying in the UK. If your IQ is high enough, you can go on.

1. Journalism

To be honest, this profession is more brain-burning anywhere. When it comes to the media, whether it is radio or radio, it is inextricably linked with journalism.

Generally speaking, the news is nothing more than fast, accurate, and ruthless, which means that the sensitivity of news practitioners to information, the recognition of information, and the ability to integrate materials are quite a test. of. Therefore, the journalism major is a major that focuses on practical ability training, and it is also a major with few brains.

Generally speaking, students who want to apply for British media must have excellent English proficiency. Good communication and excellent writing are essential for students majoring in media, especially journalism. The English requirement is generally IELTS 6.5-7.0. . If you are not studying journalism, then the IELTS requirement for a master’s is only 6.5. However, the requirements for journalism majors are basically 7-7.5 points. However, the cultural requirements in the media field are relatively high. It is best for students who are sensitive to facts, culture, art, etc. In addition, students with strong communication skills will have a promising performance in this field.

2. Graphic design

If you have all kinds of strange imagination and creativity, if you can draw well, if you don’t want to settle for the status quo for the stability of the world, then there is nothing wrong with studying graphic design. .

There was a saying that fully described the strength of the graphic design profession, that is, “Give me a pen and I will draw miracles”.

Of course, behind the graphic design of every bull fork, there will be N many designs that have been negated and self-denied. Why do people who study design generally have dark circles? It is because creating in the dark is the time for a creative carnival. When you are sleeping, almost all graphic design creators are biting their pen and burning their brains for creativity. . Such tormented years have also brought about a high employment rate in the graphic design field in the UK, so this is also a brain-burning major.

3. Fashion Major

For fashion, there is a saying that goes like this, “I wear enough clothes designed by others, and I have to get out of my style.”

So, where is the fashion professional brain-burning?

That is, if you want to go out of your own style and have a personality, then you have to endure simple copying and think about how to design your own personality style based on the experience of your predecessors. Therefore, this is also a very brain-burning profession. Fortunately, the education system in the UK is very mature, which can help students find their own personality style and development path as soon as possible.

Recommended institutions: the University of Southampton, University of the Arts London, University of Manchester, University of Leeds, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, etc.

4. Film production

As people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, watching movies has become the best choice for people’s daily pastime, which also provides a very good development opportunity for film practitioners. However, today’s film market is still relatively mixed. This also makes people more and more hope that there will be more outstanding filmmakers in society.

In the UK, under the guidance of tutors, everyone will study filmmaking in a planned way, and enjoy the freedom of expressing creativity when shooting works. You must know that the most important source of excellent works is creativity, and how to be unconventional is the direction that everyone needs to work hard for in film production. Therefore, how can this major not be called a brain-burning major?

College recommendation: Queen’s University Belfast, University of Edinburgh, York University, Middlesex University, University of Reading, Coventry University, University of Glasgow, etc. Although it is a popular major, it is still difficult to learn. Do you want to test your IQ? Come and challenge.

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