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Keywords for studying in the UK: application time

The so-called application time refers to the time to submit materials to British universities. In the United Kingdom, universities generally open application channels in September and October every year. So what are the rules of application time for UK universities? When is the best time to apply? The application time of keywords for studying in the UK is brought to you.

The so-called application time refers to the time when the materials are submitted to British universities. What are the rules for the application time of British universities? When is the best time to apply? The application time of keywords for studying in the UK is brought to you.

Keywords for studying in the UK: application time

British universities generally open the application channels in September and October each year, and will not end the application until their places are full. Of course, due to various reasons, the university will open the application channel again after the application is completed, but as long as the application channel of the school is open, you can apply, and this time is also counted as the application time.

However, according to the application process for studying abroad, it is a binding relationship with the application time. Whether the study abroad is successful is not only about obtaining the OFFER, but also many other steps, such as whether the OFFER school matches the student’s ability. , whether the visa passed, whether to buy a ticket, whether the entry and exit customs passed smoothly, and so on.

The time point distribution of the application for studying in the UK:

British universities have two admission periods, most universities start in the autumn, and a few universities will have one admission opportunity in the spring. The application is reincarnated every year, usually, in September and October of each year, the British universities will open the application channel one after another. The time of each school is different. At the same time, most schools now apply directly online, so there is no so-called application opening time. . However, the application is a big concept, and it does not only refer to the simple submission of materials. There is still a lot of work before and after the application to ensure the validity and correctness of the application. First, let’s take a look at the time and process of the UK application and see what we need to do at each stage?

Take the event filed in 2022 as an example:

From January to May 2021: prepare for IELTS, participate in language training, register for the test at the same time, and take the IELTS test; if it is not ideal, you can register for the test again later.

June-July 2021: Contact an agency, sign a contract with a professional study abroad institution, and determine the school and major to apply for. If you are DIY, you need to understand the materials and procedures for studying in the UK.

August-September 2021: Prepare the required materials for application, such as personal statement, resume, recommendation letter, academic certificate, etc.;

September-November 2021: Submit application materials and apply online

December 2021-March 2022: Waiting for the admission notice; the school official shows that the speed of issuing admission results is: 6-8 weeks from the date of application submission. Usually two months, but some very good schools will be slightly slower.

March-June 2022:

1. Determine the final school according to your situation and IELTS score, and reply to the school;

2. At the same time, the weak IELTS score is not enough, you need to apply for language courses at this time;

3. Apply for the scholarship after getting the offer;

4. Apply for school dormitory

April-June 2021: Prepare and translate all visa materials and apply for a visa;

July-September 2021: Students who meet the requirements of the school will be accepted for unconditional admission, and then prepare visa materials; book air tickets, confirm accommodation, and contact airport pick-up and travel companions.

September-October 2021: Enter the UK and go to school for registration.

When is the best time to apply?

In all these time processes, the application time is the most important time for students, so what is the best time to apply at this time? Students applying to study in the UK need to grasp one element, that is, early.

British universities should apply sooner rather than later because the application deadline for each school is different, but the enrollment quota is limited. Even if the results are good, once the quota is full, British universities will continue to apply. After the admission deadline, the school will not accept your application, so students should prepare for the application before September-November and apply as soon as possible. Based on years of application experience, September to November is the best time to apply for admission in the following year. But for high-end like Oxford and Cambridge, the application time is even earlier. Because they have a small number of places and many students apply, the application deadline will be very early every year, usually around November.

Can I still apply after the best time to apply?

As long as the school does not close and the application channel is open, we can apply. Therefore, in April, May, and June every year, some students are still applying, but the students applying at this time will be very tight, and they will also face many problems, such as:

1. There are already no places for good schools and popular majors, which leads to very limited choices of schools and majors. Moreover, the ranking of the schools you apply for will not be so ideal and may be far lower than the students’ grades and expectations. many;

2. For language courses, you may face a choice soon, whether to study language or continue to take IELTS, which is very tangled, and the result may not be ideal;

3. There are few choices of dormitories. After getting the offer, most of the dormitories have already been applied for. After all, there are few dormitories in the UK;

4. In addition, the time to apply for a visa is very urgent. After all, the time to wait for CAS is unpredictable.

How long does it take to get results after applying?

In terms of time, the official statement is 6 weeks to 8 weeks. Under normal circumstances, the earlier you apply, the higher the efficiency and the faster the results. Of course, there are also slow ones, such as two months. Here, students should be reminded that the completeness of the materials has a great impact on the time of the results. As long as the materials are complete, it will usually be very fast. Otherwise, the school may not process them but will wait until the students have submitted the materials.

Under normal circumstances, after 6 weeks, if the school has not responded, students can already contact the school at this time and send emails to understand the progress and urge efficiency, but generally, the effect is not large, so students should be mentally prepared.

UK university application deadlines

British universities do not have a so-called fixed application time. This is different from American universities. British universities are determined according to the progress of the quota. As long as the quota is full, the school will close the application. However, from the application experience over the years, there are still certain rules to follow.

Generally speaking, the better the school, the earlier the application deadline, and the opening time only lasts for about a month. For example, Oxbridge has already closed the application deadline on November 5 this year, because the better the school, the more students who apply. There are many, but the number of places is limited, so the deadline is naturally early.

The rules that major schools follow are generally: the top 30 schools generally close their applications in February-March of the second year; the universities at the bottom of the ranking generally close around June-July. Of course, this is just a general rule, and it also depends on the school and major. As long as the school has not filled up the places, the application deadline will not be closed.

In addition, British universities will issue a certain number of conditional OFFERs every year. By March and April of the second year, the OFFERs of some students who do not meet the conditions will be automatically invalid; or some students who have unconditional OFFERs will refuse the school when they return to the school. At this time, the school will vacate some places, then the school will open the application channel again at this time, allowing students to apply again.

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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