How to Apply to American Schools Without GRE Scores

The incident of the sudden cancellation of the GRE test scores in October” has added a lot of turmoil to some students’ study abroad trips. The GRE test is not a stumbling block to studying in the United States. How to apply to a famous school without a GRE score? Let’s have a look!

1. Position your professional

The majors that American universities need to provide GRE scores are more targeted. The GRE test is generally aimed at American science and engineering majors and some liberal arts majors. Not all majors require GRE scores, such as English Teaching Major (TESOL). Many colleges only require applicants to provide TOEFL scores. Some interdisciplinary subjects in some universities, such as engineering management, library information systems, and other majors also do not require GRE scores. Therefore, if you choose this type of major, you can completely avoid the time-consuming and laborious GRE test.

2. Choose some American universities that do not require GRE scores

There are nearly 4,000 universities in the United States that have been accredited by the six regional alliances (equivalent to accreditation by the Chinese Ministry of Education), of which about 1,000 offer master’s degrees. Among these 1,000 universities, many universities do not require GRE scores for their master’s degrees. For example, the University of Idaho, ranked 153 this year, has many master’s programs that do not require GRE scores, as well as Oregon State University, which ranks 140 in the United States. Many master’s programs do not require GRE scores.

3. Choose a university in the United States with dual admissions for a master’s degree, and prepare for the GRE test during language study abroad

In the United States, many of the nearly 1,000 universities that offer master’s degrees offer dual enrollment for master’s degrees. The so-called dual admission for masters means that if the TOEFL or GRE does not meet the requirements at the time of application, they can be admitted in advance. After arriving at the school, students first go to the language center to study and then enter the master’s program after passing the language. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to spend as much time preparing as you do in China, you can prepare for the GRE test during language learning, the registration is easy and time-consuming, and there are more opportunities to apply for the test. You can also get good GRE and TOEFL scores after getting good scores. Then transfer to a better school.

The GRE test is computer-based in the United States, and the test time and test position are easier to arrange than in China. For example, the University of South Florida offers dual enrollment in nearly 10 master’s programs in mechanical engineering, comprehensive engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computer science engineering, and engineering management; Oregon State University also Provides dual admissions for master’s programs such as science and engineering. Students can also study some basic courses while strengthening their language after entering school. As long as they obtain GRE scores before May 1, they can enter the fall graduate program in September of that year.

4. Undergraduate transfer credits to famous American universities, no need to provide GRE scores

Students who are currently in their sophomore or junior year can also consider transferring to the United States in advance. First, transferring to the United States will have an advantage over domestic students when applying for graduate school, and it is more convenient to take the GRE test in the United States. Second, you can get better recommendation letters, internship opportunities, and research experience, making the transcript more convincing. You can do it whether you are transferring schools or applying to a famous university, you can do it, and you will not be charged if the application is unsuccessful!

Hope the above information is helpful to you!

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