Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK

Friends who are applying to study in Canada, hurry up and include these schools in your application plan! After all, these Canadian universities have not only low study fees but also high teaching strength. It can be said to be super cost-effective! What’s not to love? they?

Many students are often troubled by the problem of choosing a school during the application process! After all, there is a lot of information about universities, and many students are not very clear about the real strength of a university and how to choose a school.

So how to judge the strength of a British university? Share with your kids below:

Look at the ranking

This is the preferred judgment basis for many students. However, there are many rankings in the UK, such as Times Ranking, Guardian Ranking, RAE Ranking, Financial Times Ranking, Times Supplement World Ranking, and Shanghai Jiaotong University Academic Ranking.

There are many evaluation indicators for each ranking. The rankings of various authoritative data are not the same as the university indicators. If children’s shoes return to work after graduation, they can mainly refer to the QS world rankings. This ranking is a comparison of various domestic employers. valued.

Look at the graduation rate:

The universities participating in the rankings in the UK are generally public universities, and the graduation rate will be announced. The graduation rate of most schools is between 85% and 90%. However, students need to pay attention that although the graduation rate is the same, because of different admission requirements, students compete Difficulty is additional, and the higher the general ranking, the more difficult it will be to graduate.

Look at the employment rate:

The employment rate statistics are generally conducted for domestic students, which are of little significance to international students, but they can still reflect the changes in the UK employment market and the recognition of universities by enterprises.

Look at student satisfaction:

It generally reflects the investment in students’ work, such as hardware facilities, sports facilities, employment opportunities, and other comprehensive soft power.

Look at scientific research ability:

This item occupies a large proportion in many rankings, and the primary assessment items include awards, citations of academic papers, etc. However, for this item, it still depends on whether the major of the student is a scientific research major. For example, some applied skills majors do not need to overly consider the scientific research ability of the university.

To sum up, all aspects of the strength of a university are assessed, but students should choose a university based on reality and their own circumstances to tailor a suitable university.

Well, the above is the relevant content of “How to judge the strength of a British university” compiled by Xiaobian for everyone, I hope it can be helpful to children who study abroad and choose a school.

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